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Compression socks

Compression socks

How compression Socks and Stockings Can Help Prevent Varicose Veins

A new form of treatment for varicose veins and spider veins is compression socks and stockings. These socks are usually made of cotton, but can be made from materials such as Lycra. These compression socks and stockings are just what they sound like - socks that are designed to compress the legs, commonly the legs on the bottom and foot area. This compression therapy will help you relieve any pressure on the veins in your legs. By putting pressure on the veins, it will force them to shrink, or collapse, which causes the veins to disappear or become less noticeable. The compression socks and stockings usually come in a pair - one pair for each leg.

The most common way to use the compression socks and stockings is with the intent to reduce stress on the legs. Most doctors agree that stress is one of the leading causes of varicose veins, or spider veins, on the legs. When the legs are under excessive stress, they become inflamed, which causes the veins to become enlarged and more noticeable. Compression therapy helps relieve this stress by compressing the skin, and relieving pressure off the veins. It is a great alternative to the expensive and painful surgical procedures sometimes recommended for spider veins removal.

Compression socks and stockings can also reduce the swelling caused by venous insufficiency, or a condition where the valves within the veins do not function properly. There are many different causes of venous insufficiency, and swelling is the most common symptom. In this case, the compression therapy aids in decreasing the swelling, and helping the blood flow back to the heart. The compression socks and stockings are worn underneath pants, during regular activities, or whenever you would experience some pain or discomfort. They are an excellent and inexpensive way to naturally relieve varicose veins, and increase circulation. Read more about the compression socks and stockings here.

For those who suffer from spider veins, or other venous conditions, compression stockings and socks provide additional support, and a measure of comfort. Many individuals with these conditions have tried and discarded various options for relief. The fact is that they simply do not work. However, with support compression socks and stockings, results are evident in just a few short weeks of continuous wearing.

Those who wear support compression socks or stockings after receiving their first post-sclerotherapy treatment report improved varicose veins. These socks help improve circulation, reduce pain and pressure, and encourage healing. Socks that are too tight can cause the legs to become overheated, which in turn can increase pressure and inflammation. On the other hand, socks that are too loose can cause the legs to become too flat and not allow circulation to reach all areas of the body. This prevents nutrients and oxygen from reaching all areas of the body, which can lead to a number of different health problems.

Whether you have just received your first compression stockings, or if you have been wearing them for several months, there are several things you can do to ensure that you receive maximum results. If possible, before compression stockings or socks were first used on patients, the patient would be advised to use compression garments to help control their symptoms. Patients who have already begun treatment should continue wearing compression stockings or socks for the entire duration of their treatment. To understand more about this topic, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fully_fashioned_stockings.

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